July 14, 2008

Why we do what we do

July 9, 2008

My house is trashed

Everywhere I look, I see piles of clothes, suitcases, bags of toiletries, boxes of missions items....

ministry stuff

folding as small as possible

compact packingWe are trying to fit most, if not all, of our clothes in carry-ons for our upcoming 10-day missions trip. My niece had a great idea: Instead of spending a lot of money on special compacting travel bags, try putting clothes in Zip-Loc bags and sitting on them to squeeze all of the air out while zipping. She was able to fit an entire outfit in one gallon size bag. We tried it, and it definitely seems to save space. We decided to make it even more more compact by slightly opening the bag and using a straw to remove as much excess air as possible (I learned this trick from my grandma years ago). Jordan fit 10 T-shirts into a 2.5-gallon bag. Nathan decided to put outfits for each day into a 1-gallon bag and date it (another of my niece's ideas). That is a bit too much for me! I will be happy just to squeeze as much as possible into a carry-on.

I am getting really excited for our trip! We have a great team of youth going. We start our team training for this trip tonight, so prayers are appreciated. I will give more details about the trip when we get back.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

July 3, 2008

A Quick Update

We have been busy planning and serving at Vacation Bible School and Hope for Warren/Detroit (a large annual outreach to the community), which is the reason for my prolonged absence here. We had a wonderful week of outreach last week! I will blog about it as soon as I have time and get pics uploaded.

We are preparing to lead a group of youth on a short-term missions trip to Mexico later this month. I am so excited! Because of this, I probably will not be actively blogging here until August. I will try to get my outreach post up before we leave.