June 18, 2009

40-Day Mission Minded Family Challenge

Harvest Ministry is hosting a "40-Day Mission Minded Family Challenge." This is basically a simple, free online mission class. It is called a "family" challenge, but this would be a great class to do as a group. It began on June 8; I wish I had seen it sooner!

Photo from our mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico in 2008

The "class" will be referencing three of Ann Dunagan's books, but you don't have to own the books to follow along.
Every day will include a hard-hitting missionary quote, a quick-look at a particular geographical area of the world, a look at a recommended missionary biography book or resource tool, a targeted mission-minded Bible verse, and a practical (and very specific) challenge for you and your family.
Go here to see all of the challenges that are currently posted. You can begin the challenge any time and keep it flexible for your family or group.

If you haven't already downloaded Harvest Ministry's free mission curriculum, they are still offering it here. I blogged about this in my last post.

We are involved in a large local outreach this Saturday, so we will be starting the challenge next Monday (hopefully). Let me know if you are going to do this.