May 30, 2008

A Little Bit About Me

I am Andrea, wife to the most wonderful man in the world, mother to four of the best children in existence, and a sinful human being, saved by grace and striving to serve my Savior in everything I do.

My husband is a "part-time" youth pastor; a full-time husband, father, and salesman; and is currently attending Bible college. We work together in youth and children's ministry, while homeschooling our four children and doing our best to model love for Christ, His Body and His Kingdom for them. We have our ups and downs, of course, but I wouldn't trade this adventurous journey for anything!

I have a home school blog called Elliott Academy of Excellence, where I post primarily about our homeschooling journey, homemaking, and free Internet homeschooling resources.

At this blog, I plan to write about our ministry experiences and my personal journey as I learn how to serve my Savior; and hopefully to connect with others of like mind and heart.

I am so grateful that God will never give up on me; even though I have been marred in His hands many times, He patiently continues to shape and mold me into what seems best to Him. May I be pliable in His hands.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I love the colors!



Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea!! Thanks for subscribing to my feed. That is the greatest compliment a blogger can get!! I'm excited to find another ministry wife in the Detroit area!! Where is your church?? (if you don't feel comfortable sharing, that is fine, I understand) Our church is in Pontiac but we live in Waterford. We just moved here last spring. I'm originally from Oklahoma (haven't lived there in a decade) but my hubby is from Farmington Hills. It's always been his dream to come back to the Detroit area and minister. So, here we are!! Great to meet you!!

Barbara said...

Wow, I haven't been keeping up on my blogs very well. This is quite the place here. I love the idea of having a ministry blog. Thanks for dropping by my blog today too. I will add you to my feed (now that I know how to do that!) Hope your missions trip was wonderful. Can't wait to see updates and pics.

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